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Rehoming your German Shepherd is never an easy decision, but one that is sometimes out of your control. There are many reasons why an owner decides to surrender or rehome their pet; we are here to help and appreciate this can be a very difficult time. Please bear in mind the following options before contacting us:

  1. Behavioural problems: consider contacting either your local training club or a Canine behaviourist first – most behavioural problems can be reduced or eliminated with professional help.
  2. Ask friends or family if they would be able to provide a new home for your dog.
  3. Have a chat with your Vets: they may be able to help with any problems you are having or may know of someone looking for a pet.
  4. If your GSD was from a registered breeder and has pedigree papers, please contact the original breeder as they may be able to assist you to rehome your dog.


We strongly advise against advertising your German Shepherd as ‘free to good home’ on Gumtree or other Classified websites; given the anonymity of an online platform, it is difficult to verify if the person who offers to take on a ‘free dog’ is really worthy of animal companionship. This is simply not a safe method of rehoming your dog.


If you would like to begin the process of surrendering your dog, then please read the following information, complete the Surrender Form below, and we will be in contact to discuss your needs.

Please be completely honest about any and all matters relating to your dog – this makes finding a new home much easier. 

  1. We do not have our own kennels or shelter, and can not always give assistance immediately.
  2. We always complete a health and behavioural assessment prior to accepting a dog into our care. If you genuinely feel your situation is urgent, then please contact us and we can discuss your options.
  3. Please collect any paperwork, such as microchip certificate, desexing certificate, and vet history. Proof of ownership is also required.
  4. Filling in the form below does not mean you have made your final decision – it just begins the process of information gathering. Please understand however that once surrender paperwork has been formally signed by the surrendering owner, the dog becomes the legal possession of GSRV.