Zeke (4.5 Y.O | M)

Zeke is a beautiful 4.5 year old boy who is searching for a new home. Lately, his current family have been busy and he has been by himself most of the day, so he has energy to burn! All Zeke wants is to explore the world, play games with his new family, and be allowed inside again to be part of the family. Zeke is extremely loving and affectionate with his people, and is at his happiest when he is around them. He has only spent time with adults and has no experience with children. Zeke has not been tested with cats or livestock.

Unfortunately, Zeke developed a significant fear of other dogs after he suffered two separate attacks as a younger dog. These events had a huge impact on him, and Zeke can no longer socialise with other dogs as it causes intense anxiety and immediate defense mode.

Zeke is searching for family with large breed experience, and ideally knowledge and experience with dogs who are fearful and reactive to other dogs. We feel the Zeke would benefit greatly from professional training. This will help him and his new family build a strong bond between each other, as well as hopefully alter his perception other dogs. GSRV will recommend appropriate trainers to Zeke’s new family.

Zeke is such a lovely young boy and deserves a chance to start again. He needs a confident and patient person who will hold his paw and help him be brave. Are you the leader that Zeke is searching for?

If you feel you could offer Zeke your love and dedication, please complete an adoption application form via http://www.gsrv.com.au/adopt-1/ If you already have an application on file, please email rescue@gsrv.com.au to register your interest.

Hayley Finch