Teddy ( 15 M.O | M )

He might have the name of a children’s toy and be just as cuddly, but Teddy is no stuffed animal! He’s a big, strong boy who has yet to be taught the basics, so at 15 months old, he still has a lot to learn about manners, but he sure knows how to love!

Recently we’ve broken Teddy out of The Lost Dogs’ Home, we’ve found is a young dog with limited training, so not surprisingly, he lacks impulse control as he’s not yet been taught where the boundaries are. Teddy has been fearful of some dogs in the shelter, but when introduced to relaxed and confident dogs, he has been able to play appropriately and show understanding of doggy manners.

Due to his size and lack of training and experience in the world, Teddy needs to find a family with children 14 years or older. He cannot live with cats and ideally would find a home with no other pets however, with the right introduction he would cope with an older, confident and calm, large breed female.

Basically, Teddy is a big goofball with lots of love to give! He enjoys a scratch and loves being outside exploring and playing with toys. He especially loves a good game of tug of war! Do you think you could teach Teddy how to be the good boy we know he can be? Can you commit to taking him to regular training, welcome him into your pack, and show him the love he deserves? If so, we’d love you to submit an Adoption Application online via our website.

Hayley Finch