Snowden (4.5 Y.O | M)



We first met 4 ½ year old Snowden in a shelter where he had been surrendered. On arrival, our assessor found a frightened dog, cautious of new people. It took a lot of patience before Snowden was happy for her to get close enough to give him a quick pat. On her second visit, Snowden was much more receptive, and with a little more patience they were having a cuddle and she even got a kiss on the cheek!


Snowden then went into foster care, and has been living with a loving family. He is a little unsure about appropriate behaviour, and was a little rough with the resident female GSD. After a few firm doggie words, he learnt to leave her alone most of the time. Whilst we feel it is likely Snowden will be able to live with another dog in the future, right now he needs some time to himself, so we are searching for an only pet home.


Snowden needs a special family to nurse him back to emotional health. He is still fearful of new people and loud noises, and gets distressed when left alone for long periods. We have not seen him interact with children, but he’s a lovely boy, and we don’t feel there would any issues with him living with kids. He may however, be a little too boisterous for small children.


Snowden will flourish in the right hands, and just needs a loving family where someone is home a lot of the times, and willing to give him considerable time to settle in and learn that the world is not so scary. 


If you think you can show this boy that people can be loving, patient, and caring, and have the time to show him the world and learn at his own pace, then this loving boy would love to hear from you. Please fill in an adoption application online via our website, or email if you are already on our waiting list.

Hayley Finch