Sefea (2 Y.O | F)


Unwanted, mistreated, and abandoned. These sweet souls have often endured more than any dog or human should have to bear; however when they do call out to us- we are here.

Sefea is one of these unwanted and abandoned souls. At 2yrs old, she has already been tried and thrown away by multiple families, and so she has finally ended up in the care of RSPCA. “Why didn’t anyone want her?” Is often the first question. We do not know much of her past; yet we do know that it is not our place to judge. We are here for the dog’s sake and so we are focusing all our efforts on finding the right family for this little girl.

In our foster network, GSRV try not to move dogs around too much as it can be distressing for some. The multiple moves that Sefea has had in her short life may have contributed to her great timidity and skittish behaviour with strangers. We fear that she has also been mistreated in the past, as she cowers and yelps in pain if a person not known to her touches her ever so slightly.

Sefea is in need of a loving home who is prepared to hold her paw with patience and guide her through life. A calm and gentle guardian who assures her that she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

Sefea would benefit from a breed experienced owner who has an older, large breed male dog who can give her comfort and support as well. In her previous home she was exposed to cats and younger children, but unfortunately they were not a good match. However children over 16yrs who have experience with large breed dogs would be ideal.

Do you have dog ownership experience, a loving home and a bundle of patience? If yes, we would love to hear from you. Please head to our website and fill in an Adoption Application, or email if you are already on our waiting list. All dogs need reassurance that their next home will be their last... none more so than this little girl. Sefea is waiting to meet you!

Hayley Finch