Kobi (8 Y.O | M) & Koke (6 Y.O | F)


 How could you resist this stunning father and daughter duo? Kobi, 8 years old and his daughter Koke, 6 years old have found themselves looking for a new home and we can’t bear to separate this bonded pair.

 Living on a farm for most of their lives, Koke needs to be walked with her dad as she constantly seeks reassurance from him. They will benefit greatly from a family who are willing to do a lot of training both on and off of their leads. Ideally we would love to see these dogs living on land again. Despite their efforts trying to sneak inside, Kobe and Koke have always been outside dogs, they would absolutely love to come inside and spend time with their people. It is getting colder outside in these approaching winter months and we would love for Kobi and Koke to be welcomed inside as they enter their golden years.

 Whilst they can both be friendly with some dogs, Koke can sometimes be a little standoffish and would prefer if it was just her and dad at home. We are seeking a family without any other dogs so they can both feel comfortable in their new home. Koke and Kobi have lived with livestock a number of years ago and may be able to slowly be integrated with livestock again. They would not suit a home with cats.

 Both have grown up with children and absolutely adore everyone they meet! They would love to have little humans running around in their new home, they will join in the fun but also keep a watchful eye out to make sure everything is in order. Both Kobi and Koke are very gentle taking treats but will sniff them out from the other side of the house.

 Kobi just loves saying hello to everyone and will not hesitate to jump the fence to say hello to the neighbours if it is low enough - Kobi and Koke will need a secure yard with colour bond fencing to ensure everyone stays where they are meant to be.

 If you think you can give Kobe and Koke a warm home to live out their years then please fill in an adoption application form on our website. If you have previously completed the form then please send an email to rescue@gsrv.com.au to let our adoptions team know you’re interested

Hayley Finch