Frankie (18 M.O | F)

Beautiful Frankie is a happy go lucky 2 ½ year old working line girl who is looking for a new family to help her shine! Frankie is very treat motivated, and is at her best when her mind and body are challenged. She is searching for a new family who will take her to regular training, and potentially even tracking or agility classes; this girl loves to learn and needs to keep her clever mind busy.


Frankie knows her basic commands and is also crate trained. Frankie can still jump up at times, and has had limited exposure to children, so a home with children over 10 years old would be best for this girl.


Frankie can lack confidence around other dogs, and will sometimes bark at them when out walking. Frankie seeks reassurance from her human and feeds off their energy; a calm and confident handler, combined with ongoing exposure at training, will allow this girl to further develop her canine social skills.


When introduced correctly with friendly, confident dogs, Frankie generally gets along well with others. She has enjoyed playing with other dogs in foster care, and can often be found zooming in the yard playing a game of chasey Frankie may be suitable to live with another large breed male dog that is friendly, confident, and a willing participant in some solid GSD play!


Frankie is currently living with cats in her foster home and co-exists with them well, however the cats in her foster home are extremely dog savvy. Frankie may be able to be integrated with cats in her new home if the cats will not run, however, her new home must be willing and able to separate the two if needed.


Like with all young shepherds, Frankie must have daily exercise. This gorgeous girl loves to run, and would be a perfect jogging partner for her new human. She lives for games of fetch, and will drop the ball at your feet asking for more! Ideally, Frankie’s new family will have someone home often who will have time to play with her throughout the day, and indulge her in enriching activities. This beautiful girl is searching for an energetic household with the time and motivation to invest into her training. Frankie has oodles of love, and will return all your efforts by reaching the amazing potential we know she has.


If you feel you can offer this gorgeous girl a perfect home, please fill out an adoption application on our website. If you are already on our waiting list, please email to let our adoptions team know you are interested.

MC: 900079000347878

PER: EE100058

Hayley Finch