Dasha ( 17 M.O | F )

Every winter GSRV gets flooded with dogs; our surrender enquires go up but unfortunately, our adoption applications go down. When our foster carers are full, and we have no adoptive home on our waiting list, we have nowhere for new rescues to go.

This is where our Paw-some Project comes in! We are looking for a dedicated family to take on a ‘project’ or longer term dog, who can be helped, some patience and understanding. 

Introducing stunning 17 month old Dasha, who will be our first PAW-some Project rescue dog. She is currently stuck at the RSPCA and is not coping. Dasha suffers from separation anxiety, so being locked away without a human by her side is extremely stressful for this poor girl. The family that takes Dash into their home will get everything they will need provided by GSRV; lead and collar, bed, bowls, high quality food from LifeWise, over the phone behaviour support, as well as veterinary support.

Currently when Dasha is left alone, she goes into a state of panic, and will do anything to attempt to find her people, including the destruction of doors and walls. When Dasha’s people are home, she doesn’t feel stressed; apart from being a little bouncy, she is a perfectly behaved young girl, who is also fantastic with other dogs and children.

Dasha will be placed on anti-anxiety medication to help reduce her stress levels. Until these take effect, she will need to have someone home with her at all times, or able to take her with them when they go out. When she starts to become more relaxed, we can begin teaching her that it’s okay when people go out for a little while. Separation Anxiety is an issue that can be overcome, and GSRV will be with you every step of the way.

Can you help this frightened girl get the second chance she so desperately needs? If you think you could be a part of our PAW-some Project, please complete a Foster Care Application online via our website. We’re in the business of second chances here … are you?

Hayley Finch