Beau (9 M.O | M)

Say hello to 9-month-old Beau! He is a boisterous, happy young GSD, don’t let the grumpy face fool you, he really is full of life. Beau actively seeks out affection from humans and is a real people pleaser, especially when the food comes out!

Beau has not had a lot of training and socialisation in his short life, whilst he can sit and drop, he is still in the wonderful mouthy, jumpy stage of his puppy-hood. Beau will need someone that is dedicated to showing, how to be a good boy. Whilst he isn’t to bad on the lead, when he pulls, he pulls, and boy is he strong! Due to Beau jumpiness and mouthing we feel th9at it is best he is placed in a home with teenage children Beau has been exposed to dogs, but he still doesn’t know how to ‘dog’ when it comes to playtime. We are hoping to find him an active, calm older sister that will tell him off when she needs to. Beau currently lives with a feline friend, although she is not nice to him at all, Beau may be able to live with another feline friend, however, his new family will need to take this introduction very slowly to ensure to safety of both animals.

Beau has so much potential and has a lot of love to give, after a tummy rub and some treats, he will be your best friend. If you think you can show Beau how to ‘dog’ please fill in the application form via our website, or if you have previously filled out the form, please send an email to to let our adoptions team know you are interested!

Hayley Finch