Beau (16 M.O | M)

Beau is a boisterous, happy 16-month old boy, who is full of life. Beau actively seeks out affection from humans and is a real people pleaser, especially when the food comes out! Beau has not had much training or socialisation during his young life, but has recently spent time in training to hone his skills, and to learn to walk calmly on lead. He is still a big puppy underneath it all, and will need someone who is dedicated to ongoing training and obedience.

Beau can still be jumpy and excitable, so we feel that it is best he is placed in a home with children over the age of 12 years. Due to his lack of socialisation, Beau has no idea how to act appropriately around other dogs, so will be best placed in a home as an only pet, whilst this is worked on. Beau is untested with cats and small animals, so a home without these is needed.

We know he isn’t the easiest of dogs to take on, but Beau has so much potential and a lot of love to give. After a tummy rub and some treats, he will be your best friend, and he so deserves a second chance! If you think you can dedicate time, love and ongoing training, please complete an adoption application on our website or, if you are currently on our waiting list, please send an email to to let our adoptions know you are interested.

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PER: EE100058

Hayley Finch