Bailey & Nala (7 Y.O |M & 6 Y.O | F)


Nala and Bailey are two stunning German Shepherds who find themselves looking for a special new home together.

Nala is a 6 year old female, and Bailey is a 7 year old male. These beautiful dogs have spent all their lives as indoor dogs, but after change in family circumstances, find themselves now living outside and craving the attention that every dog deserves! We would love to see them welcomed back inside with their new family, and included in everyday life.

Nala and Bailey were always extremely well behaved inside, and have perfect toilet training! We are searching for a home without any other pets, including cats and pockets pets, for this beautiful pair. Whilst Bailey gets along well with other dogs, Nala can be nervous around them and will use her big bark to tell them to stay away!

We would love to see Nala’s confidence and social skills built up with her new family; she would benefit from training to help improve her socialisation, and make her feel more comfortable when out on walks.

Nala and Bailey have had limited exposure to children; whilst they have interacted with their new human baby, their experience with kids ends here, and we are searching for a home where everyone is over the age of 8 years old.

Bailey can be a little scared around thunder, but feels a little better when he has Nala around to calm his nerves. They do not like being separated, and always look for each other when apart.

These gorgeous dogs just love to play, and can often be found playing tug of war with a frisbee - Nala, in particular, adores playing fetch. Both are extremely affectionate and will constantly be leaning into you for more bum scratches!

After being together for 6 years, we would really love to see these dogs grow old together in a warm and loving home. Does your heart and home you have room for two?

Please show your interest by completing an adoption application online via our website, or if you are already on our waiting list, by emailing

PER: EE10058
MC: Bailey 985170002264637
MC: Nala 941000013679847

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Hayley Finch